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VoIP, telephony over the internet

VoIP stands for “voice over IP.” So this means that we will be calling over your internet line and no longer over an analogue telephone cable.

Your voice no longer runs over ISDN or copper wires with VoIP telephony. When you go through

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Project Sclouds

Since the end of June, Sclouds has moved into their beautiful brand new office. Together with Electrician Thomas Maryns – Elinova BV, ITovate was able to equip the entire office with both a wired and wireless network.

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What is Emotet? And what can I do about it?

Emotet is a banking trojan, which is a computer malware program. This was designed to access remote devices and intercept data. It is known that Emotet can fool simple anti-virus programs and remain invisible to them.

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