Today, the use of a physical server is not so common. It therefore has a number of disadvantages including reduced safety, the expensive purchase price as well as the energy price. Storing your data and information in a cloud is an ideal solution where all these drawbacks do not apply. In addition, with a cloud, you also have peace of mind that your operations will function anywhere, anytime.

Storing your data and information in a cloud is an ideal solution where all the disadvantages of a physical server do not apply.

At ITovate, we offer a wide range of cloud solutions. For example, in addition to a Cloud Server, Backup and Office, you can also take a Web hosting and domain name. We also offer VOIP for all your telephony needs.


Our services are fast and easily scalable.

Pay Per Use

You only pay for what you need. So no unnecessary costs.

Own Management

At ITovate, everything is in-house which speeds up problem solving.

Our Services

At ITovate, we work completely customized and you can increase or decrease your package whenever you want. We help find the best and cheapest solution for your specific question.

The fact that you can access the cloud from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection is the biggest advantage. In addition, you can synchronize multiple devices and the cost is also significantly less than a physical server. A cloud can also be used as an automatic backup.

At ITovate, we work completely on a custom basis which means that we offer a tailor-made solution for every company. Thus, we do not cooperate with fixed cloud services. Still, there are some cloud services that recur often. So are office365,
often recurring services.

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