Cloud Backup

Cloud Backup

A backup in the cloud is just the same as a regular backup, only on the Internet and not in a physical server. The big advantage of this is that you can backup from any device connected to the Internet. This not only reduces the chance of losing important documents, it also ensures that any problems can be solved remotely.

The big advantage of this is that you can backup from any device connected to the Internet.

ITovate is happy to guide you in the right Cloud backup choice. We also ensure that the desired number of backups are implemented and monitor any problems. This allows you, the customer, to fully relax knowing that all your important files are safely stored.


Our services are fast and easily scalable.

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You only pay for what you need. So no unnecessary costs.

Own Management

At ITovate, everything is in-house which speeds up problem solving.

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Backing up your files involves taking a copy of all the files so that they can be restored if any of them are lost. You can think of a cloud backup as the insurance of your files.

When you use our cloud backup, you can always contact ITovate for restoring documents and even websites. Depending on the cloud you choose, you can also restore these documents with a simple button. Contact us for the possibilities.

In addition to hosting and domain name, ITovate can also provide you with a cloud backup of your website. In addition, we work fully customized which allows us to offer a total solution that fits your business organization.

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