With VOIP, you no longer call via an analog or digital line as you have them with providers such as Telenet or Proximus, for example, but rather via the Internet. A key difference between digital calling and Internet calling is that digital telephony is connected to the public telephone network. You then make calls to other phone numbers via this connection, just as you would with an analog line. With internet calling, you call from and to different IP addresses.

The call quality with VOIP is of a much better quality than with the old system.

In addition to a good VOIP connection, ITovate will help you choose the right devices. This allows us to provide a total solution that is easily scalable and fully customized. In addition, we are also happy to help set up call flows.


Our services are fast and easily scalable.

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In addition to a good Internet connection and a phone, you will need a SIP account. This allows you to request a phone number that only works with IP telephony. At ITovate, we provide full installation and placement so you don’t have to worry about this.

With all costs taken into account, a VOIP telephony is more often than not cheaper than the traditional way of calling. In addition, the quality of telephony is also better.

Your digital VOIP phone system can be easily linked to your mobile, tablet or laptop. For example, voice messages can be stored.

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