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Managed Services

Our ICT Managed Services is a total package in which we relieve you and your company completely in the field of ICT. In fact, we take care of all the maintenance and security but also make backups and provide updates to your software. With this service, everything is taken care of for you and thanks to our 24/7 monitoring you don’t have to worry about your ICT.

We like to grow with you and your business making these maintenance subscriptions very flexible.

We value personal contact and prompt service. That’s why we work with a very fast and effective ticketing system. This allows your employees to report any problem directly, which means we are immediately well informed and your company’s efficiency goes up.

Personal Contact

Personal contact with the customer is very important to us at ITovate.


We like to think with our customer to find the best solution.


By being flexible, we can work exactly to the customer’s needs.

Our Services

All ICT problems fall within managed services. All problems will therefore be resolved by ITovate. In some cases, there may be exceptions, but these are pre-arranged and contractual. For example, ITovate will not deal with the IT of a production machine.

At ITovate, we are both flexible as your business grows and as you cancel maintenance subscriptions for your ICT. So you can cancel these managed services on a monthly basis.

Managed Services is a total package that takes care of all your ICT and you don’t have to worry about it anymore. In addition, in the long run, managed services will come out much cheaper because your IT infrastructure is professionally maintained.

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