VoIP, telephony over the internet


What is VoIP?

VoIP stands for “voice over IP.” So this means that we will be calling over your internet line and no longer over an analogue telephone cable.

Your voice no longer runs over ISDN or copper wires with VoIP telephony. When you call using VoIP, your voice is converted into small data packets. These packets are sent at lightning speed over the Internet to the person you are calling. The transport of this data is so fast that there is barely a measurable delay.

What are the benefits of a phone system in the cloud?


What do you need to make calls via VoIP?

The cloud solution from ITovate

Experience the ease of use of the most modern cloud-based PBX with powerful integration capabilities!

A reliable and secure solution that grows with you when needed, with a professional image towards your customers that you have control over.

Your company needs a reliable and flexible telephony solution. ITovate takes care of this! We understand how important this is to you.

A solution that grows with you when needed and over which you have control.

What applications do we offer?

Teams Voice

Our VoIP solution connects seamlessly to
MS Teams
. You can make phone and video calls and share files very efficiently through your personal Microsoft Teams.

Qaller app

Upgrade your smartphone to IP device

Developments are rapid and reachability is often no longer limited to landline devices. Decide how you can be reached: on the landline, on the smartphone or on both.

With Qaller and Qaller Plus , your iOS or Android smartphone becomes an integrated part of your business phone system, even without having to change mobile operators. With Qaller Plus, you can receive and make calls using your fixed office number of choice, and transfer or forward calls as needed.


Web Calls

Web Calls allows you to call and record an incoming call through your browser (Chrome, firefox edge). Connect a headset to your computer and you have a full-fledged phone.


allows you to click on any phone link on your computer. Calling is just a click away. You can see the status of your colleagues and recall contacts from your call history.
Fonzie manages your company phone book and integrates seamlessly with Office 365 and Google. You can even add your personal contacts and addresses in your private Fonzie space.

ITovate brings you the right hosted VoIP solution for your organization.

ITovate brings you the right hosted VoIP solution for your organization.

And yes, also for smaller companies is
the new way to make phone calls!

In addition to a one-time start-up cost, your monthly subscription will always follow actual usage.

Would you like more information or a demo? Contact us at www.itovate.be/contact or at info@itovate.be

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