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At ITovate, we understand very well that a fast and secure network is essential to the operation of your business. We therefore work exclusively with quality products and reliable partners to ensure this. Wireless network security is also an important issue to prevent others from breaking into your network or equipment. Again, this is fully taken care of by ITovate. Consequently, you can do business with confidence.

We work exclusively with quality products and reliable partners that guarantee safety and efficiency.

At ITovate, you can have a second and even third wifi network installed by ITovate in addition to a simple wifi network. For example, you can install a separate Wi-Fi network for your staff and your customers. Connecting servers and clients is also possible.


At Itovate, we work fully customized according to your needs and desires.


We only work with the highest quality products.

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Our formula is fully customized so you will not pay any unnecessary fees.

What do we do?

Access providers are companies that provide their customers with access to the Internet. So they make sure that you can get on the Internet. ITovate always works with the customer to find the best and cheapest solution. We are not tied to a fixed provider.

The speed of the Internet depends on several factors. And on some factors we unfortunately have little influence, such as, for example, the servers or the speed of the websites we visit. On placing the right routers and cables and buying the right bandwidth internet we do have influence. That’s where ITovate is a specialist.

While WPA is a very secure security, WPA2 is an even more advanced encryption technique that is even more secure. When installing the technology, it is important to update all the Wi-Fi networks. Professional guidance is recommended.

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