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Data has become extremely important in our society. So we create a lot of data. This includes archived documents, email attachments and even backups but also a lot of customer data. Without an external storage unit, the storage on your desktop or laptop is going to be used up very quickly. ITovate provides a secure place where all this data can be stored. This can be done either on a server or in the cloud. The main advantage of cloud storage is accessibility. This is because you can access the data storage from any device.

ITovate provides a secure place where all this data can be stored and that you can access this data from any device.

We work for our clients on a completely customized basis. This can range from questions regarding SAN or NAS or if only a dropbox or private cloud is needed. We offer a customized solution depending on the storage space needed. We can also offer a solution for larger data processors that need a lot of computing power.


At ITovate, we work fully customized according to your needs and desires.


We only work with the highest quality products.

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Our formula is fully customized so you will not pay any unnecessary fees.

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Cloud storage is a service that allows you to store data by transferring it over the Internet or other networks to an offsite storage system. The big advantage of cloud storage is that you can access it from any computer with the Internet. For example, dropbox is
a good example of a cloud storage service.

Data collection and tracking can be very important to customers and marketing. Keeping track of a customer’s birthday or looking up exactly what they bought two years ago is considered normal. Therefore, the IT infrastructure must be able to handle the increasing growth and you, as a company, must immediately look for the right partner.

Big Data is the processing of large amounts of information in a structured way without spending a lot of human work hours on it. Automating this data flow requires a great deal of computing power. So there are some tools like Hadoop, Apache Spark and Kafka that you can use for this. We are happy to discuss the best solution with you.

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