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Security Audit

Securing your IT infrastructure is vital to your business. In fact, there are hackers who will look for sensitive company data. Therefore, request a full security audit that identifies the weak points of your IT infrastructure. Both the network and your applications and hardware will receive a thorough check.

Request a full security audit that identifies weaknesses in your IT infrastructure.

At ITovate, we work with external partners who take security auditing to a new level. Thus, depending on the size and sector of your business, we can match you with the right partner. In fact, not every company or industry has the same needs. Specialization is therefore required.


Because we are independent we can always offer the best solution.

Operational reliability

Constant monitoring and follow-up 24/7.

Up to date

With constant training, all your software and hardware will always be protected from any new virus.

Our Services

After a complete security audit, we are happy to sit down with you to see what options are available to improve security. After all, we have a solution for every problem. However, after the security audit, you are not obligated to have the security implemented by ITovate.

The price of the security audit depends on the size of the company and the number of employees. You can always request a quote without obligation.

A full audit includes mapping existing security. In addition, we will also indicate whether this security is still adequate or not.

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