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Working from home is still very popular in Belgium and the Netherlands after Covid-19. Yet this rarely happens in a safe environment or with a safe connection. The solution to this is a secure VPN connection. In addition, a good VPN connection gives you the ability to work from home and also have access to the headquarters’ servers.

Working from home is only secure with a secure connection and network. A VPN connection provides the solution here.

A secure connection between your company’s internal network and your staff’s external networks is very important. In this case, a VPN connection is a cost-saving measure that is also very effective. The complete installation at both the company and at the employees’ homes is taken care of by ITovate.


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A VPN connection has no limitations whatsoever and is actually an enhancement of your entire security. You will be able to do everything you did before but a lot safer.

Your employee activates the VPN only while using software or on company hardware. Thus, the same conditions and rules apply as when working in the office itself.

A VPN also hides your IP address so others cannot track you. This can be done by encrypting your Internet traffic with a code that cannot be broken. Thus, you will be able to navigate the Internet or servers of your network anonymously.

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